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Re: X on a u10

Andreas Larsson wrote:
> Ben Collins wrote:
> > rm -f /dev/gpmdata
> > 
> Yes, that helped now ther server starts all fine. I still have one
> problem though. The server do some realy strange magic because in my
> /etc/X11/XF86Config i have specefied that the default resolution should
> be 1024x768. The server seems to start in this mode, y screen however
> tells me that im running at 71.7Khz@76hz thats more like 1600x1200 to

I don't know about the Xsun24 driver, but the Xsun driver doesn't look
at /etc/X11/XF86Config at all, simply because it isn't an XFree86

> me. Well normaly this should not bother me but now is the case that the
> only monitor i have that can use the large resolution is a bit
> broken(its got no blue) so i need to replace it.

That sounds like pretty easy to repair. Check the cable, the connector
at the back of the monitor, and all connectors and cables in the
monitor itself (remember to disconnect the monitor from the mains and
discharge it). If that's all OK, check the PCBs for damages, and for
parts that have come loose (tricky to find, look for soldering joints
with tiny cracks in it). If that's also OK, it's time to get the
schematics and check all components in the blue signal path.


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