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RE: Solaris binaries compatibility

Hello SPARC friends,
hi Pieter,

>>The solaris module on sparc64 is also an option.
>>Perhaps I could set up a matrix in the UltraLinux FAQ with applications
>>do not run under Linux, but do with SunOS/Solaris emulation, but I'll need
>>information from the users of that software to accomplish that.

That would be great .. ;-)) I'll contribute to that.

>>> For me it seems that ultralinux.org is a little bit outdated.
>>> My opinion is that it's not that outdated.
>>>$ date && uname -a
>>>Sat Aug 19 17:11:26 MET DST 2000
>>>Linux thoron.auxio.net 2.0.22 #1 Sat Oct 12 10:16:39 EDT 1996 sparc

Sorry, did not want to offend you or your great work .. :-))

>>>I've sent Harald of counter.li.org an email to find out. Perhaps he'll
give the
>>>information about SPARC users. Have you registered already ? :-)

Thats what I will do right now. And thank you ...


Bye and grtx


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