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Re: PC Hardware support for Ultrasparcs

Iggi wrote:
> is it possible to use PC hardware like the AVM PCI ISDN controller or an
> SYMBIOS SCSI controller with the Linux drivers? Or do those things specially
> the passive ISDN cards rely too much on special PC things like CPU usage and
> IRQs?

I don't know about the cards you just named, but in general PCI drivers
in Linux are written in an architecture independent way. Things like
interrupts and CPU usage are handled in a portable way.

PCI drivers generally break on I/O space handling: the PC is one of the
rare architectures that has a separate I/O space. Alpha, Sparc, ARM, and
many others use memory mapped I/O. If the driver breaks, it usually is
quite easy to fix it by using the correct translation functions. Have
a look in the file /usr/src/linux/Documentation/IO-mappings.txt for
more details.


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