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Problem with X on an Ultra 5

I filed a bug on this about a week ago, but maybe someone will point
out something easy.  I installed potato twice on the Ultra 5 on my
desk.  First time anXious really screwed stuff up... it doesn't really
understand sparc that well.  But, I put stuff together myself after
undoing the craziness, but the keyboard would not work under X.  Well,
it would but the keymap was obviously very screwed up.

Well, I wiped that install because it looked like this machine was 
going to be sent to a customer site for something.  After I wiped
the machine, my bosses changed their mind (ugh) =)

Well, I reinstalled 2.2 and didn't let anXious do anything.  When I
installed xserver-mach64 it told me to copy the XF86Config.SPARC and
edit it.  I did so, but when I go into X, same deal, messed up keymap.

Any ideas?

I'd really rather be running linux than Solaris 7, but S7 works right
now =(  I was really excited to be running Debian on an ultra, after
all the sun4c machines I've been using, but things haven't worked =(



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