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Xsun, x2x and my WheelMouse


I am using a very old Sun Sparc as a pseudo X terminal (I use the X
server, but log onto a different machine). Now if I see things correctly
I am thus using the Xsun server, right (Debian 2.1)? I am also using x2x
from another machine. Actually I use the Sparc only for mail reading and
the like, so the Sun screen is the left of my real desktop monitor and
when I move the mouse to the far right of my Desktop Monitor (using x2x)
I can use my keyboard and mouse from the desktop to work on the Sparc.
So far so nice, the only problem is my WheelMouse x2x crashes every time
I use the wheel, since Xsun seems to accept only a 3 button mouse, but
x2x sends input from the 4th and 5th button.

How can I setup Xsun to accept 5 Buttons and use the ZAxisMapping like
in a usual XF86Config file? I assume Xsun does not use XF86Config,

many thanks in advance,

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