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strange keymap/vt probs after exiting X

Hello all,

  Firstly, congrats on the debian sparc distro - the only problem I had
  while installing this on a pair of sparc classics was the xsun /dev/fb
  problem which I note was fixed in a later version than the one on my CD.

  I'm having a strange problem wrt X and (I'm assuming) keymaps. The
  situation is this:

  I run xdm, I log in, everything is fine including the ctrl-alt-F? for
  changing virtual terminals. When I log out and return to the xdm login
  screen however, the crtl-alt-F? keys don't change vts. As far as I can
  tell, everything else is fine: I can still log in, I can check with xev
  that the right keycodes are still being generated - the only difference
  that I notice is that teh crtl-alt-F? key combo doesn't work. I have to
  kill xdm to get back to being able to change vts.

  The exact same symptoms exist when I run X manually on the command line
  like so: "X -query otherhost -deferglyphs 16", when the first session
  ends and I return to the xdm login prompt the chvt keystrokes don't

  I'm currently just using startx and adding the "-terminate" option to X
  but this solution is suboptimal.

  Has anyone come across something similar or at least has more of an idea
  how to debug something like this ? An strace didn't show up any major
  differences as far as I could see but I wasn't really sure what
  specifically to look for.

Thanks for any help.

  Andrew O'Brien      andrewo@cse.unsw.edu.au

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