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Re: potato

Anthony Towns wrote:
> How does this leave everyone else? A few days ago sparc needed to do a
> whole bunch of recompiles. Have these been done? Are there any similar
> things that other archs have only just discovered they need to do and
> are just doing now?

All except xcdroast and strace.  Both of these packages need wichert's
attention wrt building on sparc.  He's aware of this, and should be able
to take a look at them when he get's home.

> On an only marginally related matter, I'd appreciate it if y'all could
> get woody autobuilders happening fairly promptly and effectively by
> the time potato releases. If there are hardware or bandwidth problems,
> it'd be nice to resolve these ASAP, rather than JIT...

Okie.  I think Ben wanted to see about getting another drive installed to
xia01 before starting on sparc unstable.  I'll check with him on this.


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