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Modem isdn


I got a sparcstation 10. On the  rear side there are two connectors of a
isdn modem. They  told me that on  many SS10 there isn't  the isdn modem
even it the  connectors are present.Is  it true? I've tried  to see in
/proc if  I can find some  informations about the modem  (something like
cat /proc/pci on i386) but I cannot find anything.
Is  there a  possibility  of knowing  if the  modem  is present  without
opening it? I haven't opened it because  I don't know what I've go to do
to open it and I'm afraid of damaging it.
Another thing: I've heard that american and europian modem are different
and that if there's an american modem I cannot use it. Is it true?


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