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Re: debian question

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Moe wrote:

|Hi all,
| I installed Debian 2.1r4 on my sparc 1+.  The
|installation is fine but I cant boot off the hdd,
|instead I boot of the cdrom then issue
|"boot: linux root=/dev/sda1" then I am able to boot
| Any ideas?  I think that 'silo' is not configured
|correctly because I cant boot off the hdd.


To my knowledge, to boot successfully from disk You have to do the
following things:

1. Partition the disk to boot from in a special manner:
   a) create a linux native partition to act as root partition;
   b) create a swap partition;
   c) create a 3rd partition over the remaining disk space
      with type 5 ("Whole disk").
2. Create a Sun disklabel for a disk You want to boot from. I
   believe, it is done by pressing 's' in fdisk or whatever
   program is used for partitioning during debian installation.
3. Configure SILO. I'm booting from the sda1 and my silo.conf is:   


   Check that link /vmlinuz exists and points to the correct kernel image
   in /boot. Then run silo.
4. Setup the automatic boot:
   a) Press Stop-A, this should get you to "ok" prompt or you
      may need to press "n" further to get to it (I have to do
      it on SS2).
   b) Set boot-device to the desired device, by issuing a command
      "setenv boot-device /sbus/esp@0,800000/sd@0,0" if You want
      to boot from SCSI disk at bus 0, target 0. This line worked
      for me, though I have no idea what "esp@0,80000" stands for ;-).
   c) Boot, by giving a "boot" command.

The system should now boot automagically from the hard disk.

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