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Re: procmeters et alia for SMP kernels

cat /proc/cpuinfo


Josh Kuperman wrote:

> This isn't really Debian specific, but now that I have an SMP kernel
> what software is available to monitor and test its performance. I'd
> like to do the testing before I start setting it up as a production
> server. Is there a two processor procmeter? Is there a web site with
> various Spec-INT, whetstones, dhrystones, etc. How do I in fact now
> that I'm actually using both processors. Except for the subjective
> perception of "wow this machine rocks" and the results of uname -a, I
> can't really tell anything.
> uname -a gives the following.
>  whirlaway 2.2.14 #1 SMP Wed Mar 29 23:25:56 EST 2000 sparc unknown
> Also, is "apt-get dist-uprgrade" supposed to be the "right" way to
> automatically upgrade a kernel, or is there a way to do it within
> dselect.
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> Josh Kuperman
> josh@saratoga.lib.ny.us
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