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Re: Success story: potato on Sparc Classic

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000 20:57:53 +0200 (CEST), Eric Delaunay wrote:
> Phil Brutsche wrote:
>> It's my understanding that late Sun4c's (IPX and maybe sparctation 2) and
>> early Sun4m's (like your Classic) will take parity fast page mode 72 pin
>> 60 ns PC sims, but that PC simms can't be mixed with Sun simms (apparently
>> Sun simms are 33 bit and PC simms are 36 bit)
> It's no problem mixing them.  I've installed 2x 16MB FPM 36 bits and 4x 4MB FPM
> 33 bits on my SparcClassic.  Just to make sure they are fast page mode, 60ns
> and 33 or 36 bits (they were not so common in the PC world).

Is the order of the modules important? I know that other Sparcs want the
largest modules in the first bank.

I also found out that a Classic can use 60ns 32bit 8MB modules, although
it doesn't really like them. The 8MB modules must be in the first bank, and
the other banks should be empty. The machine correctly detects 16MB, but
the memory test is very slow. After that it sometimes boots, but crashes
soon with SCSI DMA errors. Not very useable, though :-(


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