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Re: installing slink on ss20 trials: lots of Q's.

On Fri, Apr 07, 2000 at 02:47:30PM -0400, Brenda J. Butler wrote:
> Next question:  I wanted to recompile the kernel to debug
> the serial port...
> However, I never did figure out the right file format for
> multiple kernels in /etc/silo.conf....
> So:  what _is_ the right silo file format?  I tried looking
> in /etc/doc and /etc/silo.conf but there was nothing overly
> useful.  I've unpacked the silo source and will try to tell
> the config file format from the code that reads the
> config file.

Well it seems that there is a better example silo.conf
for multiple kernels in the silo source.  I haven't tried
it yet.

I was frustrated at the time because I saw references
to lilo.conf file format, but couldn't find any
documentation on that either.  It turns out to have
been part of the documentation that didn't install,
see below (the dhelp problem).

> Also, the version-number extension trick didn't
> seem to work for having multiple versions of the
> modules directories, on Sparc.

How _do_ you have different kernels access different
module directories in debian/slink for sparc?

For intel, I understand that you just give the
kernel an extension, and then give the same extension
to the /lib/modules/put_your_extension_here directory
hierarchy, and it will all just work.  Is it different
for sparc, or did I likely just execute it badly
(ie, should try again, this time without mistakes :-)?

> Well this mail is quite long, I guess I'll leave it at
> that.  Except....  When I installed debian on this
> system, 4 packages failed to configure and one
> of them was lynx.  The error was that dhelp-parse got
> a segmentation fault when running.

Well, purging dhelp from my system using dselect
resulted in the other three packages (apt, lynx,
and a pile of documentation "doc-linux-html" or some
such) now installing and configuring, so I have a
browser (lynx) and some documentation now.  I had
thought that I'd have to fix the install scripts for
the other three packages to avoid referencing dhelp_parse,
but it seems those install scripts check to see if dhelp
exists first so that saved me some work.

> Also, I installed
> libstdc++.2.9 at one point because some other package
> depended on it, and that broke my X server.  (It's
> a known problem on the debian-sparc mailing list.)

Well, it was stormy here shortly after that post, and
when I re-plugged in my system and it rebooted, the
xdm screen appeared like magic, even though I hadn't
removed the libstdc++2.9 library off my system.
I don't know what happened here.

Goodness, now I need sunglasses to look at that
login screen :-)

> I will address the X server by trying
> to uninstall that 2.9 lib.  I wish I could remember what
> package it was that depended on it...  Now dselect says
> everything depends on it, even though I have a libstdc++.2.8
> available.

I wonder if I should still try to remove that library?

> Any suggestions you might have to address any of
> my problems will be welcome!  As I get solutions to them
> I will post (summarizing if necessary).
> cheerio,
> bjb  bjb@achilles.net
---end quoted text---


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