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Requesting a build of non-free XForms library.


libforms0.88_0.88.1-3 was uploaded in october and is not in
sparc's potato non-free section.  As a consequence, sparc doesn't
have lyx either (and all other XForms dependent packages in

Could someone build the sparc package?  lyx could then also be
built by someone (as well as jazip, xwatch, xplot, xcolmix and
likely other packages that depend on XForms).

The binary is glibc2.0, but I presume that's better than nothing.
If someone knows of a glibc2.1 version, let me know.  The XForms
site didn't have a glibc2.1 version of 0.88 or 0.89 for sparc
when I looked, and I can't connect to their web site now
(http://bragg.phys.uwm.edu/xforms or http://bloch.phys.uwm.edu/xforms)

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