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Re: Installation woes get worse - and wierd

OK, I did this and checked the manual. Now I can safely state that the
slink CD, that is the kernel that installs into memory from the Slink
CD crashes if there is more than 128M - at least on my Sparc. After
the installation the memory is no longer a problem.

In fact by simply removing all but two of the 64M modules I was able
to install. Though I probably shorted myself a little on the disk
space with my guesses.

Do I need to make my SCSI drive SCSI 3 to get it to boot or can I just
set boot to disk3, and does it matter?

Then after I got through an install - before I could put in a root
passwd - the machine went into some sort of dizzy loop - telling me to
put in a passwd and writing to the screen too fast. I was able to get
at the console form alt-f2 etc, just the one screen was useless.

Is there a way to trigger it to pick up where it did when it was
trying to ask for a root password after the install? It seems to be
working but I haven't been able to find the passwd command or figure
out how to resume the installation. And with root not needing a
password I pulled it out of my network for now.

On Fri, Apr 07, 2000 at 05:50:10PM -0400, Tad Bilby wrote:
> SPARC 10 memory installation order below:
> front of SS10
> SIMM 7
> SIMM 2
> SIMM 5
> SIMM 4
> SIMM 6
> SIMM 3
> SIMM 8
> SIMM 1
> rear of SS10 (where the ports are)

> > On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 06:58:46PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > > do this at the PROM:
> > > printenv
> > > And look for the self-test memory. Does it match you actual memory? If
> > > not:
> > > setenv selftest-#megs 512

Josh Kuperman                       

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