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Re: 2.3.99-pre3 and potato on SPARCBook3

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> We just compiled and booted 2.3.99-pre3 on an SB3 GX (my roommate's; I
> won't install on mine till powermanagement works right since i do need the
> machine for real work; we had to compile the ldso 1.9.11-7 source package
> first, binaries for that are not yet available but the source is up).
> Boots and runs dandy-rific. Seeing Tux with the sun on his belly brought
> tears to my eyes (no, really, it did). Haven't got X working but will play
> with that shortly. Debian installation as a whole was fine except for
> borkenness of serial console under 2.2.x (no matter how much you pretend,
> it's just not a vt100).

Oh?  It seems to work fine for me on my IPX.

> One problem: dhcp seems to have broken. Both pump and dhcpcd fail,
> although you can configure a static interface fine and it seems to work. 

Are you using the pump and dhcpcd from slink, or is this a potato system?

> I've attached an strace; basically it opens a socket as SOCK_STREAM,
> attempts to write() to it, and fails with a broken pipe/SIGPIPE. dhcp is
> working for other machines on the same subnet. I'm not bugging it, maybe I
> should (it's probably the kernel's fault tho).

If you're using the slink dhcp clients, they won't work with anything
newer than 2.0.x - the kernel programming interfaces changed.  If you're
afraid to use potato for some reason, you'll have to compile a dhcp client
by hand; I like the DHCP stuff from http://www.isc.org.

> We are, however, delighted simply to have the machine running :) I have to
> admit, I wanted to bet Ian a quarter at 2 to 1 odds that 2.3 wouldn't come
> up right (esp. since it didn't work on my IPX) ... but it _is_ snowing in
> April here in Pittsburgh (you all remember the Calvin and Hobbes, "`Where
> do you think we go after we die' `I dunno. Pittsburgh?'"). 

Phil Brutsche					pbrutsch@creighton.edu

"There are two things that are infinite; Human stupidity and the
universe. And I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

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