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Re: Ldconfig segfaults

David Engel, the ldso maintainer, reports bug #61461 closed; he changed
ldso to compile with -O2 on sparc, as per Manuel Odendahl's request:


> Can we have this suggestion implemented for sparc? I would rather see it
> reduce the optimization to -O2 than use gcc272 since it wont be aroud
> forever.

Done in 1.9.11-6.



However, as Maxime Baudin later noted, you need to compile with
optimization off for ldso to run correctly built w/gcc 2.95.2. I pointed
this out to David and he acknowledged:


>   Second: I just wanted to check with you. I note you changed the ldconfig
> sparc compilation rules to -O2. However there was a followup message on
> debian-sparc saying that in fact it must be compiled with optimization
> _off_, not -O2, for it to work in gcc 2.95.2 ... I've got a machine
> waiting on this fix ;)

I don't remember seeing this message.  I'll make another release right



So I just wanted to warn everyone that 1.9.11-6 may not fix this issue,
but be patient, it's in the works.

In future, for my (purely personal) benefit, I'd appreciate if people
would note that they've bugged anything they report to the list, include
the bug #, and tack on to the thread that the issue is closed when the bug
report is. May help prevent future miscommunication/lack of communication


This _is_ a weird one; why does the optimized code seem to run fine on
sun4c's and not on sun4m's (/me finds ldconfig runs w/o problem on the
IPX, but crashes on the SB3)? Maybe I'll take a disassembler to it at some
point if I get massively unlazy.

mmmmm, beautiful debian on sparcbook .... soon, soon.

Cheers all, and thanks to everyone who worked on fixing this.

Ari Heitner
  DC: 703/5733512  CMU: 412/8622699
Non c'è più forza nella normalità: c'è solo monotonia.

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