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Installing on a SparcServer 1000E

I just got a hand-me-down SparcServer 1000E (sun4d) that I was trying to
install linux on.  I can't seem to make it happen.

Every time I try to install (many different ways), I get an error that
pops me back out to the PROM, unless I try to net boot from the slink
2.1.1 tftpboot image.  Then it claims that it is Loading Linux and appears
to hang forever.  I can't even send a break to get to the PROM.  I have to
power cycle it (the fact that I've done this would seem to imply that I
have no proof that it hangs ``forever'', but it would seem to.)

The other times, it gets to different points before telling me that there
has been an ``Illegal Access Exception'' or something like that (I'm
currently not in front of it, and it's busy hanging forever).

I see some implications in the mailing list archives that it has been
successfully installed on this architecture.  Let me give you some
specifics.  I think it has 4 CPUs (2 each on two boards), the I/O/CPU
boards on which they sit, and 288MB RAM.  There was some sort of SBUS
fiber channel card attaching it to a sparc storage array, but I removed
it, thinking that it might be causing the problem.  It didn't fix it, but
I didn't put it back.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out here.  Solaris would
just be so boring to put on it.


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