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Re: audio?

> I think most of the stuff was just quick ports, if they were ported at
> all.  A lot of the packages  seem to come out of the binary-all
> directory, not from the binary-sparc direcories. 

Forgive me, I'm new to Debian Sparc.

If a package exists for Debian Sparc, and it fails to perform its desired
function, should a bug report be filed?

I don't care if it's a "quick port" or "coming out of binary-all", if there's
a problem with a sparc package, do we file bug reports in the same bug
tracking system as the i386 crowd?  What's the proper procedure?

Secondly, do you know what the actual problem is here?  Most stuff seems to
work without many problems on Sparc, but audio is a 100% flop so far as I
have been able to determine.  I mean, even "cat file > /dev/dsp" fails to
produce anything but white noise.  Is "cat" a "quick port", too?


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