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Re: Netscape

> you can grab some debs I made of netscape from
> ftp://cassady.blockstackers.com/pub if you like. These were my first
> attempts at makeing debs, so read the readme that's in that directory
> before downloading. I hope they help, because that's why I made then.

Thanks, but I think you missed the point of my message.  I would prefer to
fix the problem at its root, on the primary Debian servers, rather than
grabbing debs from other locations.

For one thing, I would like to keep the Sparc box and the Intel boxes I have
running the same version of Netscape, since they share user home directories
via NFS, and users will get an annoying license agreement window every time
they move from one arch to the other if they're running different versions.
I want to have 4.7 running on everything.

But mostly because it seems like there *should* be a Netscape deb on the
primary server.  If Netscape fails to auto-build from source on Sparc, why
isn't there a fail-log for it at http://marcus.debian.net/~buildd/fail-logs ?

I'm just confused as to why things are in the state that they're in.


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