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sony cdu561a and slink


I'm having trouble installing slink on a sparc lx using a sony cdu-561 cdrom.
I can boot from the debian cd and start setup. But, once i get to the point
where I am supposed to install the resc1440.bin image from the cdrom to the
harddrive, it fails.

For what it matters, I received one bare bones lx for free - it did have 32
megs of memory in it.  And I bought another lx with memory and disk.  I bought
an additional scsi-2 hard disk and cdrom.  I've played the sway game and from
what I can tell the units, disks, and cdroms are ok.  The lx which came with a
sun os hard disk works in either lx unit.  Ditto for the memory.  I also
tested the cdrom with a win95 scsi computer and it works.

The remaining facts:

The harddisk is a seagate and the cdrom is a sony cdu-561a.  Here are the
settings for each drive.

parity enabled
terminators power from scsi bus.
terminators enabled.
enable motor start.

parity enabled
terminators are missing.  But, I have it an external case with a non-active
terminator plug attached.
This device has a enable/prevent jumper which I've tried both ways and it
doesn't seem to do anything.  (I'm curious as to what this thing is also.)

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