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[OFF-TOPIC] Sun screens on PCs?

This isn't really too debian-related, but I figured one of you
guys could know that...

Is it possible to use a Sun screen (made for sparcs) on a PC?
Aside from the physical problem, because I already have an
adaptor from the Sun connector to the VGA standard. I managed
to hack the two together, but the image comes out of sync (this
in text mode). I booted with ``vga=ask'' (because I already had
this in lilo.conf in that machine) and said ``scan'', then I
tried all modes there. The results looked different, but none
was readable.

I figure that with a lot of patience I perhaps can get X to
work, but I don't want X-only and neither do I want to run the
risk of frying either hardware :-)

So, any wisdom? (Even if it is ``you should go ask in list

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