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Re: 24bits and colors

> > Heh... reminds me... don't even ask what this TurboGX cost me. :)
> > Oh well... at least X is usable now...
> > 
> > Sun hardware is expensive, but you get what you pay for...
> True, it's very nice even if ti dosnt' do 24bit color.  Eventually (like
> in the next 6 months) I want to get a Sparc20 and use the onboard SX
> video.. however most places that have 20's up for grabs adon't have the
> VSIMMs... :( 

I'll have to warn you, though... I have an SS20 in front of me
at work right now (my desktop machine here), and I have it 
dual-headed with a Turbo GX and an SX (the SX in 24-bit mode).

The SX is so slow in 24-bit mode than I wouldn't (and don't)
run anything more than Netscape and dtmail on it.  This is
permormance in Solaris BTW... I haven't tried Linux on this
machine (nor do I think I will ever get a chance to)... and
I wouldn't expect Linux's performance to be any better with
it.  If you don't mind slow (like cg3 slow) 24-bit graphics,
then go for it.

One other thing... I can't seem to find it now (maybe it's
been fixed/updated), but I remember seeing somewhere that
the cg14 (SX) was supported "in CG3 mode", or something like
that... which may mean an expensive and slow 8-bit card if
this is so...

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