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Re: glibc 2.1 is now on master in my homedir

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> http://master.debian.org/~bcollins/glibc

> diffs are there aswell.

> Please test this, it works fine for me. I would also like someone who
> has access to a sparc RedHat box to compile something with this libc
> and see if it runs fine on that box.

I've installed this on an Ultra5.  Seems to work fine.  Survived a
reboot.  Some minor problems that need to be fixed in other apps
(xterms end up using ttyp? instead of pts/?).  BTW, the pts stuff is
enabled for sparc in the 2.2.5 kernel.

On the plus side - ssh works on the sparc with glibc 2.1.1-0.1.1 but
not on the x86 with glibc 2.1.1-0.1 (SIGPIPE) - go figure.


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