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Arrow keys with Xsun


I've a problem using the arrow, pgup/pgdown and control keys with the Xsun 

The hardware:  Sun IPX/4c (dewey), cgsix framebuffer on local ethernet.

This is setup as an Xterminal, using X -query giskard.

Giskard is providing the X-clients, is Debian Hamm/i386, also is font server. 
(Actually, bits of slink and a little slice of Bo, too..).

The movement keys (arrows etc.) work fine with xterms and packages which run in xterms, such as lynx, pdmenu etc.

The movement keys do not work with Netscape Navigator (3.05), Lyx 1.00.  This
includes in text input boxes etc., such as entering urls, composing mail.

The control-arrow combination with fvwm also does not work (although I can move
around the desktop using the mouse ok).

Using Netscape, Lyx, fvwm etc., on Giskard or on other Xterminals is fine, 
which suggests the problem is related to the Sun4c.

I've looked at the man-page for Xsun;  it does not seem to have any keyboard
related options other than keypress repeating. I've considered that perhaps
this is a keyboard type 4/5 issue, but can't see how to tell Xsun which it

Xsun version is

Any suggestions, anyone?



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