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Re: success with 990301 (was Re: new bootdisks to test)

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> In message <199903042357.AAA03690@jazz.pontchartrain.fr> you wrote:
> >Steve Dunham wrote:
> >> I also can't get anything to boot on an Ultra1 (neither floppies that
> >> I make nor the UltraPenguin floppies).  I've heard reports to the
> >> contrary on this list, but I don't think they were using Eric's
> >> floppies.  (Eric you have to do "silo -u" to make Ultra floppies -
> >> given my experience with floppies, I'm not sure if it's worth the
> >> trouble to fix it.)
> >
> >Argh :( I'm afraid it's too late for slink now to change anything
> >but the doc in bootdisks.

Not too big of a deal.  I've never gotten a correctly made floppy to
boot on the Ultra1's here (even the floppies from the UltraPenguin

> Ok, putting it in my todo queue.  

> >Hopefully one can install over the network at least :-))

> Oh, yeah, I can personally confirm that works.  And CD booting 
> should work too, right?

CD booting works.  There are images in the 2.1-pre1 directory of the
cdimage.debian.org mirrors.


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