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Re: cgsix woes continue in 2.2-pre5

> Hiya,

> Some of you will remember me reporting watchdog resets on quitting X on my
> SS2 with a cgsix, in the late 2.1.x kernels.

> Various patches were applied - I tested some, to no avail.  

> Then, I stopped using my sparc for a while for unrelated reasons.  Now I
> have found time to try a 2.2.0.-pre5 kernel (I alien'ed it from an rpm
> into a deb).

> However, the watchdog reset still occurs whenever X is quit.  It's hard to
> get traces, since it normally screws the palette, but I'll have a go..

Just another data point: I had the same problem on a SS2 with an old
cg6 (GX rev 2, two slot card). After changing to a newer cg6 (TGX rev b,
single slot)
things work OK, both with 2.1.125 and 2.2.0-pre8, running slink.

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