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RE: cgsix woes continue in 2.2-pre5

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Dave Broudy wrote:

> It still happened to me with the latest kernel that I checked out from
> CVS, 2.2.0-pre9 (or -final).
> Commenting lines 555 to 569 in drivers/video/cgsixfb.c where fbc->mode is
> assigned fixes the problem, but it's obviously isn't perfect. It has a
> tendency to leave the xdm login or any open xterms in an inconsistant
> state if you switch from X to a VC and back to X, but it's better than an
> NMI. xdm can be fixed with a control-c and the xterm must be closed (it
> behaves as thought the control key is being held down.

In my experience, hitting ctrl-a will clear the 'control key' flag.

Failing that try 'ctrl-caps lock' twice (or maybe just once?)


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