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Re: missing packages in slink (continued)

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> Well, my build daemon has picked up the following so far.
> When I get a chance, I'll compile all the failure logs into a summary.
> jules@pinacolada$ ls *changes

> a2ps_4.10.4-4_sparc.changes      pciutils_1.10-1_sparc.changes
> asclassic_1.1b-3_sparc.changes   wmaker_0.20.3-2_sparc.changes
> dds2tar_2.4.21-2_sparc.changes   xteddy_1.2-1_sparc.changes
> libjpeg_6a-12_sparc.changes      xtide_2.0b3-2.1_sparc.changes
> login.app_1.2.1-5_sparc.changes  yforth_0.1beta-9_sparc.changes
> mdutils_0.35-22_sparc.changes    zile_1.0a5-3_sparc.changes
> mpich_1.1.0-6_sparc.changes      zsh_3.1.2-10_sparc.changes

> I'll upload these soonish, when I've had a chance to sanity check them.

I build pciutils a few weeks ago (because I have an Ultra5).  IIRC I
had a problem uploading it, and dinstall rejected it. 

When you sanity check "libjpeg" (and any other libfoo package).
Make sure the "altdev" packages were built.


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