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Re: resc1440.bin to Floppy

Christopher Allen wrote:
> > I am trying to place the resc1440.bin file on a floppy, but
> > the floppy will only format to 1.38MB.  There sin't a rawrite2
> > for Sparc.  How can I get this img onto the floppy disk?
> Format it in DOS mode, 1.44MB and then use rawrite from dos prompt.
> bye.

I tried this and it still failed with a "Error 50 with image" when I
booted.  I tried several "new" floppy disk and still got the same

The problem turned out to be with the images at ftp.debian.org.  I went
to ftp.cdrom.com and got the images from them and it is working fine.

Thank you everyone for the help.

You may get more questions as I continue building the box.  It is a
Sun IPX with 32MB RAM and 424MB HD I am using for a web server.

Email:	ds@primenet.com
Web:	http://radsl-sullinger.phx.primenet.com/

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