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Re: New modutils for Sparc/Ultra

Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@cs.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

> Previously Steve Dunham wrote:
> > A recompile of the Xserver package, including altdev, with FFB and ATI
> > support added is available at:

> Just a quick note: please do not upload this, Branden will suffer a
> heartattack if you do. He is trying to get a new X out of the door soon,
> so it would be best if you contacted him so he can get sparc support in.

I know, I have great respect for the amount of work Branden has done
(I thought he was crazy when he took over the X package).  I'll run a
diff between my source tree and the 8.1 tree and give it to Branden.

> > I would however like to get the new modutils in the install image,

> Hmm, that would mean a new modutils version has to be uploaded for i386
> as well, to make sure the source is in there. If that is necessary I'll
> do that.

I dont know how much it matters anymore.  There are so many sparc
packages with out of date or missing source, but it would be nice if
you got the latest modutils sources into slink.


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