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Re: Heads up on util-linux >= 2.7.1-3.2

Joel Klecker wrote:
> Up until now, sysvinit had a hwclock.sh script used for handling the 
> system clock, which handled `hwclock' or `clock', util-linux 
> 2.7.1-3.2 (in slink) now has hwclock.sh, which doesn't handle `clock'.
> I suggest sparc-utils provide its own version of hwclock.sh for the 
> clock package, since sysvinit's version is likely to disappear 
> eventually.
> I wrote a hwclock.sh and postinst to handle it for one of the powerpc 
> subarchitectures, so I have attached them.

OK, I added it to sparc-utils.  Upload is in progress...
Thanks for your report.

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