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Re: new bootdisks available

Jeffrey Ebert wrote:
> Thanks for the bootdisks, Eric.
> I was able to boot with the new disks yesterday on my SS2, but only when
> I entered "/fd;/linux" at the boot prompt. If I hit ENTER, then it
> reported a read error on block 65 (or byte 65, I can't remember). This
> must be a SILO problem with certain hardware/PROM combinations.

Happy to see it works :-))
BTW, can you explain me the syntax a bit further ?  I don't understand the
first part: /fd;
Is this working on all sparcs ? (then I could put it the default for silo)

Thanks in advance.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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