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X troubles of a different feather

Friends, Romans, and countrymen,

On Friday when I last had a chance to play with my SS10, I attempted to
build xv as there wasn't a package in non-free to install.  I have found
that imake's inclusion of -traditional combined wiht the libc6-2.0.100
headers causes all manner of strange compilation errors (macro/#include
recursions mainly).  I took a good look at the headers concerned and
couldn't see anything unusual about them other than that they use GCCisms
that may not be available with -traditional.  Other than hacking the
sources for imake to not include -traditional (removing it from linux.cf
had no effect, although I may have been doing things wrong), this is
probably something that will need to be taken up with the glibc authors,
whom I somehow doubt do regression testing against various weird
combinations of command-line options, header-file-altering #defines, and

Unfortunately, I'm not in much of a position right now to attempt to
examine it any further - work has taken me to New York and things aren't
going smoothly (meaning I may be stuck here till next week, instead of
flying out on Wednesday as was planned).

[This laptop better be under warranty - the comma key is broken. :/ ]

Jeffrey Sean Connell | Networking/Telecommunications Engineer, GXC
ankh@canuck.gen.nz   | PGP key at http://www.canuck.gen.nz/~ankh/pgpkey.html

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