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Re: unbuilt packages

On Sun, Nov 29, 1998 at 11:01:26PM -0800, lim@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU wrote:
> I would like to see wanna-build and its friends managing this process
> (since it produces such a list, facilitates autocompiles of packages
> that do compile, e.g. those out of date, allows builders to submit
> reasons why it didn't compile or change states, etc.)

There is already some one with buildd (is that right?) doing auto
compiles, however not every package compiles and requires manual attempts
to find out the problems AFAIK. Cristopher I believe is doing this, and
stated he would post a list of the failed auto builds. I was interested in
seeing this to offer to help with buidling and sending patches to the
maintainers to fix our compile problems.

BTW, yes is the latest slink. I just noticed our problem is the
convergence of slink binary-sparc packages and potato binary-all packages
(dpkg-dev is 1.4.1 in potato/main/binary-sparc/base). This should really
be resolved before we can really hope to make a freeze, either get
the sparc distribution frozen or compile for potato instead.

I wont be posting dpkg 1.4.1 then.

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