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tftpboot.img error loading kernel on a 4/330


I have looked for information on this at the S/Linux site and the Debian
Sparc Port site and don't know what I am doing wrong.  I am trying to
install Debian on a SparcStation 4/330 (deskside model) via a netboot. The
tftp side of things seems to be working OK (the boot box is a debian Intel
box). The instructions from the Debian site seem to work fine until the
kernel is actually being loaded.  I get the following After doing

>b le(0,0,0)
Boot: le(0,0,0)
Using IP Address = AC100102
Booting from tftp server at = AC1000101
Downloaded 2516353 bytes from tftp server.

Illegal instruction "0x00158E04" was encountered at PC 0x00004004

I beleive this box to be an old unmodified 4/330.  The boot PROM seems to
be old from the discriptions of the instructions (no OK prompt, instead a
">" and I have to use the b le(0,0,0) syntax) Am I doing something wrong?
Is the 4/330 really supported by S/Linux or Debian Sparc Linux? Am I
doomed to failure? Is there a different kernel image I should be using?

Thanks for any insights or help,

Robert Doiel
(attempting on impress my kids with a Sun running Debian....)

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