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Correct TEM mask for Sparc FSR

Can someone confirm or deny for me the normal state of the TEM (trap
enabled mask) bits in the FSR (floating-point status register) in the
Sparc V8 architecture.  Does setting a bit in the TEM enable or
disable the appropriate trap?

I don't have a Sparc V8 manual & am trying to track down a SIGFPE
problem on the Fujistsu TurboSparcs.  The TurboSparc documentations
suggests that you have to set bit to 1 to enable traps, whereas the
glibc pre2.1 code comments suggest the reverse.

I have a hard time believing that Fujitsu got it wrong, but an equally
hard time believing no-one else has run into this.  Maybe there's not
much sparc testing of glibc pre2.1 going on?

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