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Re: libc6 problems??

Richard Roberto wrote:
> Is anyone else having the same problems I am below?  Last week I
> installed from master on a S5 110 (the FAQ says these are
> supported).
> I can barely run anything as many programs are saying:
> Symbol `_IO_2_1_stderr_' has different size in shared object,
> consider re-linking
> This is some kind of problem with /lib/ld-linux.so.2 I gather?

Which libc6 package have you installed (the latest is 2.0.93, moved recently
from incoming to the binary tree) ?
If, after the libc6 upgrade, you will see similar messages, you will also need
to upgrade each package that depends on libc6 without release number (no >=
2.0.* in the Depends: field).
In effect, the std IOs handling has changed bewteen libc6 2.0.90 and 2.0.91
(maybe 92), breaking some programs but not all.

Hope this helps you.

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