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i386 user entering sparc land

Hi. I just subscribed to this list now, here goes:

Yesterday I was at the MIT flea market in boston, just minding my own
buisness when I saw 2 Pizza Boxes sitting on a table amongst other 
assorted Items. I bought one of them for $40..it was a 
SUN Sparc 1+, 2 105 MB hard drives, a floppy, no video card.

It has RedHat on it (suposedly...I need a video card as I have no
terminal to use on the serial port). Where do I start? I really
want to run debian-sparc and help out (ya know, compile packaages
for sparc when I have some free time and all...at the very least
be able to compile MY package for the sparc)

I am going to get an s-bus vid card for it..have a monitor and a keyboard
(they came with a Sparc 3/80 whioch I also bought...and now hear is useless
:( ) and mouse. 
can I use my i386 linux box to make up the base dist disks? 
Are there any common problems I should be aware of? 

Any info will help..I have only seen SUNs before (I do have an account
on a Sun sparc 1 but..I only ever telnet to it..and its solaris)
I have no manuals and no idea where to get info.

also...is that 3/80 good for anything? what CAN i do with it...if not use linux

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