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Is it me, or are the disks not cool? (fwd)

>	I am attempting a floppy installation onto my SparcStation IPX.
>	When I boot off of the rescue disk, it gets past the SILO boot
>       prompt, lets me hit return (I assume that is what I hit), then
>       dies with:
>	Read error on block 50
>	Cannot find /linux (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in 
short read)
>	Image not found.... try again
> ...and then kicks me back to the SILO boot prompt.

I get the same thing on my IPX, but if I take the same disks and try them
in an older Sparc 1 or 1+ they work just fine. Could this be a ROM version
thing? I'm sure the ROM versions in the 1/1+ is 1.x_something but the IPX
is 2.4. I have no trouble booting a rescue disk set on the IPX with serial
console which I downloaded from vger some weeks ago...

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