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Re: kernel-patch*sparc* and libc-sparc

James Troup wrote:
> Hi,
> [ Just looking at some ftp.debian.org problems in relation to Quinn
>   Diff, and these are the sparc-related areas ]
> a) Why is kernel-patch*sparc* Architecture: sparc and not
>    Architecture: all?  You don't need a sparc to install it and cross
>    compile a sparc kernel (I assume).  m68k's kernel-patch is Arch:
>    all, and I use it on an i386 machine to cross compile the m68k
>    kernel images.

Ok, I will change it at kernel next upload.

> b) Is there a binary package produced from the libc-sparc source
>    package (in oldlibs)?  I can't see one looking at
>    hamm/hamm/binary-sparc/Packages.  If not, I'll ask Guy to remove
>    the source package.


The debian rules is a bit out of date regarding policy number.  Maybe
it does not put a source: line in the changes file.
Do you think I should upload a new release as soon as possible just to fix
this problem ? (I'm afraid I don't have lot of time to work on it now as I'm
already working on building new boot disks for sparc).


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