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Re: Cannot install (floppy or net) on an Ultra 10

On Thursday 23 April 1998, at 13 h 2, the keyboard of Eric Delaunay 
<delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

> You can use etherfind (sunos) or tcpdump to monitor your network then see
> network packets between your computers.

Well, I see the packet on the wire, but it doesn't mean the Sparc 
received it. However, the problem was simple. The Sparc is an Ultra and 
Debian-Sparc apparently do not support it (courtesy of Frederic Poncin 
<fp@info.ucl.ac.be>). I switched to UltraPenguin <http://ultra.linux.cz/> 
and now it is better. Thanks for the help.

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