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Debian, Solaris, and other stuff

It's been a long winter here, and I've finally go some time to spare,
and would like to get Debian sparc up and running.

I have three sparc, and one x86 (Pentium) system to work with.  The
sparc systems are 2 LX, and 1 1+.  I'd like to get the 1+ running Deb.
The Pentium is running Deb, and has been a solid server for two years.
(yes it's been upgraded several times)  The 1+ has 64M, and a 1GB HDD.

The Pentium has room to serve an OS and one of the LX's can be used for
OS serving.  The last LX is a mail/DNS box, and doesn't lend itself to
many other functions.

Can the 1+ be made to boot deb? (how if so)
What, and where do I get the needed files?

The 1+ is currently running solaris 2.5 with CDE (yes it's slow).

A question about solaris:
Both the 1+ and the non DNS LX, are having problems with name server
lookups.  They can ping any address (ip only) and nslookup works, but
when you try to ftp to a name, or http to a name, both fail.
The LX DNS box works fine. I've copied several files from it to the
other systems, in a vain hope that I missed something (making
appropriate changes).  I've checked defaultrouter, hostname.le0, hosts,
netconfig, networks, resolv.conf, inetd.conf, services, and I've even
fired up a caching DNS on the LX with an altered named.boot from the DNS
LX.  Still there is no connections via name, only by IP.  The only named
addresses I can connect to are those in the hosts file. 
It's a pain using Netscape by having to use nslookup to get IP #s.

The 1+ could be made available for testing use once it's running Deb.

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