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Sparc packages

I am going through attempting to compile various packages for Sparc.  If
you want to see something compiled, please send me an e-mail at
jgoerzen@cs.twsu.edu and I will try to get around to it.  Today I had
rather limited success:


sysklogd -- upgrade, fixes stdin/stdout conflict (1.3-25)
            No longer coredumps on start!  Yay!

Couldn't upload:

fakeroot -- NEEDS TO BE UPDATED to fix security hole.  I tried compiling it
(compiled fine) but when I would type, for instance, "fakeroot debian/rules
clean", it would cause the make process to do nothing but eat 90% of CPU.

cron -- stdin/stdout problem.  Requires perl5.004 for debhelper.

perl -- gcc sig11's while compiling

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