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silo libc

	I'm trying to build a libc with the functions
needed by silo, to be able to statically link it.

Some str* functions where written by Jacub, some others
I have stolen from glibc sources, then I have put them
togheter with little patches.

After the functions, I need also some symbols, which
I have added to ``silolibc''. At the moment, when linking
silo with ``silolibc'' I have these errors:

decomp.o: In function `decompress':
decomp.o(.text+0x1788): undefined reference to `__sigsetjmp'
cfg.o: In function `cfg_parse':
cfg.o(.text+0x6b0): undefined reference to `__sigsetjmp'
../silolibc/silolibc.a(stringops.o): In function `time':
stringops.o(.text+0x954): undefined reference to `__set_errno'
make: *** [second] Error 1

Today, I have finish my spare time, so I can no longer work on it.
I hope to continue tomorrow. If someone has time to complete
this work, I would really appreciate. In particular, I have
found difficults with __sigsetjmp, __set_errno, and ST_DIV0.

I found __sigsetjmp in setjmp.S from glibc, but it #include
traps.h, and the fails because traps.h is not asm code :-).
Since, I'm not an expert with assembler code, how should
I call gcc in this particular case?

I wasn't able to find __set_errno in glibc sources,
but I haven't time to grep any more. :-)

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