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Re: superformat troubles

> You did not mention which platform you use. It is long known that you
> cannot format a floppy on sun4c under RH4.2. Firstly, counter in one of
> busy loops is too small, but this does not help, because secondly it
> writes garbage to track anyways. I dare to note that faster machines
> may suffer as well.

This is PIO mode ?

> where we have. Worse yet, Alain does not want to support floppy code because
> he is tired from it. I am so desperate that I ordered a book at Amazon
> which should explain the floppy programming interface, $35 value.
> And PLEASE don't remind me about 82078 datashit from Intel -
> errata for it would be thicker than the original.

Have you got the Nat semi data sheets ?


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