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new version of kernel-package fixes a problem with image.postinst


	I recently recieved a bug report about the kernel-image
 postinst attempts to manipulate the image file as vmlinuz* even
 though the image files on m68k and sparc architectures are called
 vmlinux* (note the x).

	This has been the behavious of the postinst _for ever_, and I
 am surprised that it was never noticed before. I think I have fixed
 it now in kernel-package version 3.50, and I have tested it on an
 i386 machine. 

	I would appreciate a test on a non-i386 architecture; and any
 reports of further incompatibility shall be appreciated.

 who really thinks that kernel-package may make packaging kernels
 easier on sparc and m68k machines

 ps: I am only subscribed to debian-devel
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