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Re: ZIP disk sparc install, anyone?

> Anyone have a premade ZIP disk-sized install that I could just stick
> in a Sun and boot? Or are there enough pre-cooked materials that this
> would be easy to construct (something like (1) mke2fs the zip disk (2)
> unpack some base.tgz onto it (3) dpkg --root /zip -i *.deb (4) some
> sort of command to make it bootable...) from a running x86-debian box,
> in which case I'll do it myself :-)

Actually, I happen to have a 25mb root image kicking around that'll get
you up and running in a hurry (I use it whenever I totally screw up my
little IPC :-)  If you used it you'd need to upgrade a few packages
(most notably installing libc6; this uses an older, less stable version
I think) but it'd get you going in a pinch.  If you need it I can upload
it somewhere.  Unfortunately not to a debian.org site, though, as I haven't
had time to become a developer yet...

> 			_Mark_ <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us>
> 			The Herd of Kittens
> 			Debian X Maintainer

Hm, maybe I should talk to you.  In my spare time I've been hacking at
making Xsun work on my IPC.  You don't even want to know how slow the
compile is.  However, I'm able to build most of X11R6.3 (from ftp.x.org)
using a bunch of RedHat packages and some debian control files/scripts
swiped from the xfree packages.  Yes, there are still a few bugs to be
worked out; however, it's getting closer to working.  Hell, if the things
I just patched work I might be able to get the server going when the
compiling's done.  When I'm reasonably sure that this thing compiles,
works, and might work for others should my collection of xsun patches be
integrated into the current X sources?  Keep in mind that X11R6.3 does not
support S/Linux out of the can; you need to do lots of patching.

Mike "No .sig for you" Shuey

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