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g++ & timezone problems?

You'll have to excuse me, I've forgotten who is maintaining gcc/g++ and who
is maintaining timezone.  However, I think I've found a problem with these.

    When building the menu package g++ had an internal compiler error on line
112 of update-menus.cc and asked that a full bug report be submitted to
bug-gnu@ai.mit.edu.  The line where it died is the end of a constructor that
uses some exception handling.  I remember hearing a while back that g++
2.7.2.x didn't reliably support exception handling.  Is still the case, or
am I just way off here?  I realize that the above information is a bit sparse,
but if needed I can mail the exact errors, strace information, etc.
    The second problem I'm having may not be due to the timezone libraries
but that's my best guess.  While compiling X make went a bit insane and started
rebuilding each makefile over and over again.  I checked my clock and found
that it was off; I'm in the US/East-Indiana time zone and my internal clock
should be set to GMT.  However, whenever I typed 'date' it would give me a
time 5 hours ahead of what it should be.  Also, when I touched a file and
did an ls -l on it the time listed was exactly what it should be (different
from date's output but in agreement with the clock on my bookshelf).  I've
temporarily fixed this by telling my IPC that it's timezone is London, so
the date command agrees with a file's timestamp and make (should) work again,
but this doesn't fix the underlying problem.  Anyone seeing something similar?

Mike "No .sig for you" Shuey

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