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Re: how stable is debian sparc?

"Craig" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

Craig> is that just apache?  or a problem with libc6 on sparc boxes
Craig> in general?

A problem in general -- network programs don't work, possibly due to a
socket bug.

Craig> how'd you get it to boot initially?  bootp and then tftp the
Craig> kernel?

Yes, more or less.  Actually it was RARP, slightly stranger and
requiring kernel support.  Once its set up though you can just tell
the sparc PROM to "boot net".

There might be debian boot disks too, haven't checked lately.

Craig> is there a howto or some notes somewhere on how to bootstrap
Craig> linux or debian onto a sparc?

There's some documentation in disks-sparc.

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