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Re: glibc and the sockets problem

> 	I'll try to build a new version of glibc
> with it, but you are free to do it before me :)

Please do; ever since I realized I don't have time
(or the processing power) to work on things like gcc
and libc I've been compiling odd Debian packages.
Unfortunately, nothing that uses sockets has worked...
Hopefully that will be fixed with the next libc :-)

> 	I would like to release Debian 2.0 for
> Sparc; maybe it's not too late to do it after all.

That would be nice.  Just out of curiosity, is anyone
working on making X go for Debian/Sparc?  Many pacakges
either require X to build or have addition features if
xlib is around when they're compiled.  It'd be nice
to take advantage of that.  Plus, I want my IPC to
run X...

Mike "No .sig for you" Shuey

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